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While driving up a capable off-roader up a mountain and driving an economy car to work may sound like drastically different tasks, both require a good, working vehicle. In both instances, you should make sure that your fluids are topped up and within their respective lifespans, your brakes are in good working order, and that your vehicle's consumable parts are replaced at the prescribed intervals. Whether you're driving through the Rockies or driving thru Starbucks, proper maintenance on your vehicle will decrease the likelihood of a major failure occurring with your vehicle, and also give you piece of mind that your vehicle is ready for the task ahead; whatever that may be.




The best way to keep your car running - and running well - is to service your vehicle regularly, and make sure your fluids are topped off and changed at regular intervals. Our expert mechanics are here to ensure that you get the most life from your vehicle.

At cruZin auto, we have all of your basic service and maintenance needs, including Check-Engine Light diagnosis, oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid changing, tune-ups and ignition/spark-plugs, A/C repair and recharging, brake service, and anything else you might need.



Whether you're looking for an exhaust upgrade or an engine swap, we've got you covered. From forced induction, to engine overhaul, to a high-end suspension to handle all of the power and torque you're looking to put down; if you can think it up, we've probably done it.

In addition, CruZin Auto is an UpRev Pro-Tuner offering the ultimate in Dyno-tuning services & technologies. 


An important part of going fast is stopping fast. We have all of your braking and needs covered, be it a regular change of pads, or a 4-piston caliper upgrade.

We also offer a full se​lection of racing wheels, including Volk Racing, Enkei, Cosmis Racing, Advan, BBS, and GramLights.

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